Why Choose Patrol Pro?

Officer Daily Reports

Our officer daily reports are designed for easy entry for your officers and maximum visibility for your clients. Providing you a compelling way to showcase your service to your clients.

GPS Mapping

Near real time GPS mapping provides you an accurate view of what your guards are doing and when.

Custom Forms

Our forms allow your company to choose what data points are important to you. We provide several forms out of the box and our professional form designers are there to help if you require further customization.

Incident Reporting

Things happen... at Patrol Pro we pride ourselves in providing you real time entry and reporting of incidents as they happen as well as notifications to interested parties.

Waypoint Scans

Using the latest in NFC technology means no more clumsy barcode scanners or wand devices, coupled with online mapping as well as on demand reporting.


Online reporting allows you and your clients to view the information that matters most in real-time.

About Patrol Pro

Security guard communication and reporting has never been easier with the Patrol Pro software for handheld Android devices. Install Patrol Pro on any Android device and reports, pictures, recordings, barcode scanning, post instructions, and GPS tracking are available real time.

  • Incident Reporting
  • Officer Daily Reports
  • Real time GPS mapping
  • NFC Waypoints
  • Online Reporting
  • Client Access

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Latest News

Coming Soon - Geofencing
Our engineers are hard at work at implementing Geo Fencing, allowing you to define an area where your guards should not be able to cross into or out of.
NFC Custom Reporting
Introducing new features to our NFC custom form reporting allowing you even more flexibility in getting your customers the information they need, when they need it.